Class Descriptions

Circuit Training

You won’t get bored with this class, as you zip through station after station in this full-body workout! Build and tone muscles, burn calories and increase your cardio, using everything from the BOSU to jump ropes, the Swiss Ball to weights and resistance bands, in one hour of fast-paced fun!


Get ready for some fast-paced fun! This group exercise class is performed on stationary bikes while an instructor simulates hill climbing, sprints, and races. It is truly a fantastic cardiovascular workout. The instructor, the people around you and the music will keep you motivated. Have your towel on hand!

Boot Camp
If you know you’re tough but like to have somebody pushing you to help you prove it then this is the class for you. In this ever-changing but always tough class our instructors with help you push yourself to your max with exercises that help you improve strength, agility, cardio fitness and power. Remind yourself how tough you really are!

Cardio-kickboxing class at Pure

Martial Arts Boot Camp
If you are starting to find yourself in an “exercise rut”, repeating all the same old exercises and not getting results, then it might be time to give yourself a jumpstart with some thing new and different. This high-powered cross training class uses Mixed Martial Arts moves to help you discover new levels of fitness and body awareness. Get ready to get “Karate-kicked” into shape with this intense and diverse full -body workout!

Angel Troz, Instructor


Self-Defense (Private)
Whether you are a traveler or simply want to feel safer and more confident in your own city taking a self-defense class is one of the best ways to do it. This class will give you the tools you need to assess and escape dangerous situations while providing a friendly and safe environment in which to practice using them. Give yourself the upper hand by learning basic tactics to catch an attacker off guard and yourself protected.

Increase your speed, agility and strength as you discover the fitness level of a boxer without having to discover the discomfort of getting punched in the face! Our instructors will make the sweat fly as they run you through intense drills and combinations on the heavy bag, wall pad and one on one with hand mitts. Get the body of a boxer without getting the face of one!

Latin Dance (Private)
If you’ve never tried Latin Dance before, or have but just want to get down to the basics, sign up for a private Latin dance class.  Focusing mainly on Salsa and Bachata, your session will give you a strong foundation for Latin Ballroom style dance and help you to be a good leader/follow as you build your own style and repertoire. Sign up for a solo class, with a partner, or for your group.  Our instructor will break the steps down and help you take the mystery out of all that hip action!

Latin Dance Class Private Lesson Granada
Private Group Class in PURE’s Dojo


Core Balance
We oftentimes forget or don’t leave ourselves enough time to sneak that all-important core work and stretch time into our workouts. This class focuses on core strengthening, cultivating balance and coordination, and active stretching.  The movements are dynamic and challenging, but appropriate for all levels.


If you are thinking of leotards and legwarmers then get ready to leave your old ideas of aerobic workouts behind! This class will keep you moving to the music with a non-stop combination of heart-pumping cardio, body sculpting and challenging kickboxing and martial arts inspired drills.