About Granada

Granada is a beautiful Spanish colonial-era city whose historical and architectural heritage has been richly conserved. Granada is the oldest European-founded city in the Americas. The lakeside town served as a key port and trade center for Spanish riches due to its boat access to the Caribbean Sea via Lake Nicaragua and the contingent San Juan River. It also became a target for pirates and buccaneers who repeatedly laid siege to the city and plundered its goods.


Today Granada is a tranquil town of about 100,000 that holds onto its colonial-era spirit. Granada’s nickname is “La Gran Sultana” – The Great Sultaness – an apt moniker considering the city’s languid and decadent charm. The city is renowned for Spanish-style homes with adobe walls and towering wooden doors leading to their open-air interior patios. A recent influx of investment has brought an array of delicious dining options, from freshwater fish plucked fresh from the lake to exquisite French and Mediterranean cuisine.

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Granada is blessed to be surrounded by two of the most beautiful geographic features in the world: a collapsed volcano that now hosts a crystal clear lagoon, an enormous and magnificent freshwater lake, and a volcano that hosts a cloud forest and sired 360 islands in the lake. These islands are easily accessible from Granada’s shoreline and provide a perfect setting for watching the sunset after a day of exploring the town’s cobbled roads.

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Needless to say, if you’re looking for anything from a bike adventure to a relaxing spa day to a dance floor with salsa aficionados, Granada never fails to offer just what you’re looking for.