Personal Wellness Sabbatical

Have you ever thought about escaping from the daily grind to dedicate a bit of time to taking care of yourself? Or perhaps you’ve been traveling, and would like a few days to slow down…..and skip out on the struggles of negotiating a foreign environment?

The Personal Sabbatical program was designed for people who are ready to invest in their own well-being.
To truly relax.
To let someone else take care of everything.
To be cared for.

Our staff includes therapists, personal trainers, chefs, Yoga and meditation instructors who will welcome you like a friend, and help you feel better than ever.

What are the keys to wellness?: healthy food, appropriate exercise, massage, and proper rest and adequate time to relax and recover. This is what you’ll experience as part of your Personal Sabbatical.

For only as little as $60 per day, you’ll stay in a spacious, comfortable room, have access to unlimited Yoga and exercise classes, enjoy a fresh veggie juice, have a 60 minute massage each day (or acupuncture or other spa services), eat a healthy homemade breakfast, and workout with a personal trainer or have a private yoga session. (Note that private yoga sessions are, while personal training sessions are not, available on Sundays).

Prices: $70 / $60 per day (with / without A/C) $60 Single Occupancy, $115 / $105 Double Occupancy

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