Personal Training

PURE’s trained fitness professionals will provide you with and exercise prescription and instructions that are customized for your goals, needs and abilities. They are all inspired athletes that are motivated by a deep desire to guide their clients into a deeper state of health and wellness.

PURE’s trainers will help you set reasonable goals and provide positive feedback and accountability. They will begin with a detailed analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, injuries and imbalances. If you have any questions about the value of personal training sessions with PURE, please inquire with the various clients who have been training with PURE since we opened our doors in 2007!

Your return on investment for your training sessions will be significant; you’ll feel better, stronger, more energized and may avoid future illnesses and physical ailments. Exercise is simply that important for your quality of life…..and your personal trainer will make sure that you exercise right!

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Natural Health Package – Only $50 for three personal training sessions and one 60 minute massage!  (Or, if you prefer, 5 personal training sessions for the same price.)

We’ll personalize a work-out plan to fit your lifestyle, fitness level and interests. Workouts can include strength training, cardio-vascular training, outdoor adventures, Yoga (we work with all levels of experience), Pilates and/or Tai Chi.

Get your muscles going with your personal trainer 3 days a week. After your workouts enjoy a fresh-for-you vegetable juice. The package also includes a one-hour massage and an unlimited membership (including all Yoga classes) at PURE.

Contact us to book a personal training session.